Second Term Examination Computer Studies – ICT Basic 9 (JSS 3)










Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. Microsoft Excel can be used to draw all kinds of _________________ and _________________ .

[a] lines & bubbles

[b] graphs and charts

[c] columns and rows

[d] graph book & graph sheets


2. A graph is also called _________________ .

[a] cordinates

[b] clustered

[c] chart

[d] axes


3. _________________ is not a quality of a good computer professional

[a] Being dull

[b] Being hardworking

[c] Being honest and trustworthy

[d] Posses the required training


4. A computer professional that writes and codes programs is called a _________________ .

[a] system analyst

[b] computer programmer

[c] mechanical engineer

[d] system administrator


5. ISPAN means _________________ .

[a] internet set of providers association of Nigeria

[b] internet set of programs of Nigeria

[c] internet service protocol and Nigeria

[d] internet service providers association of Nigeria



6. Uses of computer games include the following expect _________________.

[a] for entertainment

[b] for gambling

[c] for building intelligence quotient

[d] none of the above


7. A gamer is ________________

[a] a regular player of computer games

[b] a stocker of computer games

[c] a vendor of computer games

[d] a fan of computer games


8. The TRUTH tables are drawn to represent _________________ .

[a] Logic circuits

[b] logic gates

[c] AND, OR & NOT


9. The diagram represent _________________.

[a] NOT gate

[b] AND gate

[c] OR gate


10. If x = 1 and Y = 1, then z = ?

[a] 1

[b] 2

[c] 0



11. X and Y are called _________________ .

[a] logic gate

[b] inputs

[c] outputs

[d] truth table


12. The combination of OR gate followed by an inverter is called _________________ .

[a] NOT gate

[b] AND gate

[c] NOR gate


13. Under what situation can a virus attack a computer system.

[a] when the computer is not installed [b] When there is power failure.

[c] When the computer is exposed to sunlight .

[d] When a suspected diskette is used on the system.


14. Other programs that attack the computer are as follow expect _________________ .

[a] worms

[b] Trojan horse

[c] Norton

[d] syware


15. _________________ is an example of a computer antivirus.

[a] smart cop

[b] Alabama virus

[c] Logic bomb

[d] Mc Afee virus



16. A work sheet has _________________ .

[a] vertical rows and horizontal rows

[b] 17 rows & 340 columns.

[c] 65,536 rows and 256 coloumns

[d] 40,720 rows and 400 column.


17. The NOT gate has only _________________ .

[a] 1 input

[b] 2 input

[c] 3 inputs

[d] 4 inputs


Answer questions 18 – 20 with TRUE or FALSE

18. Computer games are installed on the computer _________________.


19. A picture cannot be inserted into graphs _________________ .


20. A computer virus can infect files and folders _____________________




Answer three questions only.


1. Define Graph.

b. List 4 uses of graph

c. State 5 types of graph

d. A graph is also called ________________________


2. Define computer professional.

b. List four qualities of a good professional.

c. Mention 5 computer professional bodies with their full meaning .

d. Write briefly on the following:

i. Hacker

ii. Computer operator

iii. Programmer

iv. Graphic artist


3. What is computer virus ?

b. List 5 examples of computer virus

c. State 3 symptoms of computer virus

d. Mention three computer anti – virus available for use


4. What is computer game ? And give 6 examples of computer games

b. Discuss the types of computer games

c. List 3 advantages and 2 disadvantages of computer games.

d. What are the uses of computer games. ?


5. Define Logic gate.

b. List types of seven logic gates

c. With the aid of diagram and truth table differentiate between

i. AND and OR gate

ii. NAND and NOR gate


5. Differentiate between Logic gates and Logic circuits

b. With the aid of diagram, List all types of Logic gates and name them.






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