Second Term Examination Social Studies Basic 8 (JSS 2)









SECTION A: Answer All Questions 


1. Those principles, standards or qualities we consider desirable are called _________________.

(a) principal

(b) cooperation

(c) results

(d) values


2. One of these do not promote or influence values.

(a) Tolerance

(b) Fairness

(c) Trust

(d) Consistency


3. Christianity began among the _________________.

(a) Ghanians

(b) Barbarians

(c) Babylonians

(d) Jews


4. Islam as a religion originated from _________________.

(a) Nigeria

(b) Egypt

(c) Rome

(d) Saudi Arabia


5. ‘Abasi or Edidem’ is the name of God in _________________.

(a) Yoruba

(b) Benin

(c) Tivs

(d) Efik



6. _________________ is not listed as a major type of marriage in Nigeria.

(a) Christian marriage

(b) customary marriage

(c) Religious marriage

(d) Ordinance marriage


7. The state of being a male or female is simply referred to as _________________.

(a) sex

(b) tomboy

(c) gender

(d) boy girl


8. The smallest social unit in the society is referred to as _________________.

(a) marriage

(b) religion

(c) school

(d) family


9. Foods that have lost their freshness are said to be _________________.

(a) expired

(b) automatic

(c) original

(d) stale


10. A state of being poor is equally referred to as _________________.

(a) pwoverty

(b) pourverty

(c) porvberty

(d) poverty



11. ATR stands for ___________________________________________.


12. The illegal process of transporting drugs from one country to another is _________________.


13. An attempt to deny or deprive a child of his or her rights is called _________________.


14. The emotional attachment to a person or group of persons as a result of feeling s of affection is referred to as _________________.


15. _________________, _________________, _________________, etc. are ways by which drugs can be abused.


16. _________________ refers to a group or gang behavior where members share religious or spiritual beliefs that is contrary to societal expectation.


17. Man’s environment are basically divided into _________________ and _________________.


18. _________________ has his picture inscribed on the one hundred naira note.


19. Democracy day in Nigeria is celebrated on _________________.


20. A marriage of one woman to two or more men is referred to as _________________.



SECTION B: Answer Four (4) Questions 


1a. What is religion?

1b. List and explain the types of religion you were taught.


2a. Define marriage.

2b. Are there conditions required before marriage? Discuss fully.


3a. What do you understand by harmful substances?

3b. List out five examples of harmful substances.

3c. In what four ways can we prevent harmful substances?


4a. What is marriage?

4b. State the types of marriage and list three conditions for such.


5a. Define the term ‘Accident’.

5b. List out five ways in which accident can occur in the school.

5c. How can a student prevent accident in the school? Four reasons.






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