Second Term Examination Civic Education Basic 9 (JSS 3)








SECTION A – Answer All Questions 


1. Nigeria is located in the ________________ African Sub Region.

(a) North

(b) East

(c) South

(d) West


2. The electoral body in Nigeria is headed by ________________.

(a) president

(b) counselor

(c) director

(d) chairman


3. The first ever storey building is located in ________________ and ________________.

(a) Lokoja/Kogi

(b) Lafia/Nasarawa

(c) Jos/Plateau

(d) Badagary/Lagos


4. The right of a citizen to exercise his or her voting right during election is ________________.

(a) electorate

(b) francis

(c) francais

(d) franchise


5. In the Nigerian National Assembly, while the House of Senate has ________________ members, the House of Representatives is composed of ________________ Members respectively.

(a) 360/109

(b) 901/630

(c) 109/306

(d) 109/360



6. The manipulation of the electoral process by the electoral commission or candidates is referred to as electoral ________________.

(a) warfare

(b) cage

(c) college

(d) malpractice


7. ________________ is not a type of citizenship.

(a) Birth

(b) Nationalization

(c) Dual

(d) Registration


8. ________________ entitles an individual to enter and exit different countries.

(a) Passport

(b) Certificate

(c) Permission

(d) Visa


9. Democracy as a concept originated from ________________.

(a) Rome

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) Greece


10. A citizen from Denmark is referred to as ________________.

(a) Daniel

(b) Denmarkian

(c) Dens

(d) Danish



11. Those personnel who are stationed at the various ports ensuring that passengers legally enter or exit a country are called ________________.


12. A body of fundamental laws guiding the activities of the government and the governed is called ________________.


13. In a court of law, an accused is assumed to be ________________ until proven ________________.


14. As a criminal correctional agency, the NCS stands for ________________.


15. While it is the duty of the legislature to ________________ the executive ________________, it is the duty of the judiciary to ________________.


16. In the National Assembly of Nigeria, the ‘Red’ Chamber also represents ________________.


17. A citizen whose right to vote is denied him/her, that citizen is said to have been ________________.


18. During census, those in charge of counting people are called ________________.


19. The security outfit established by the governments of the south western states in Nigeria is called ‘Operation ________________.


20. The president of Nigeria can only be impeached from office by ________________ members of the National Assembly.




THEORY – Answer only four (4) questions


1a. Write exhaustively about the concept ‘rule of law’.

1b. Why is the constitution of Nigeria supreme?


2a. What is a constitution?

2b. State four functions of the Nigerian constitution.


3a. Define Right attitude to work.

3b. State six attributes and four importance/rewards of right attitude to work.


4a. What do you understand by the term ‘Communal services?’

4b. While defining Negative behavior, who is a deviant?

4c. What are the effects, if any of negative behavior in the Nigerian society?


5a. Discuss convincingly on ‘drug abuse’.

5b. List and explain five effects of drug abuse.

5c. What is examination malpractice? State four forms of examination malpractice.






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